Apples Pink Lady


700-950g    4.20/kg
The weight of this product is within the indicated range. When packing, we weigh it and charge you the exact weight. For now, let’s take the mean value as the price.


Upon receipt, remove from package and store at room temperature.

Practical tips

Pink Lady is rightly the queen of apples. Biting into a Pink Lady apple means an unusual taste experience! With its delicious bite and its incomparable fine aromas, this apple is the perfect accomplice for every occasion. Pink Lady immerses you in her aroma of wild berries and vanilla in moments of enthusiasm or contemplation, in lustful or pleasurable, in tender or subtle moments. Its floral notes of lychee and rose transport you to an enchanting world.

Extra information

Pink Lady is a so-called club variety and protected by trademark. It was created in Western Australia in 1973 by accidentally crossing Lady Williams and Golden. The flesh is firm, not very juicy and sweet. Mainly for eating fresh, but also for baking and cooking.


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