Ariel Vollwaschmittel 1300g


When you look good and smell good, you feel good too. And it all starts with cleaning your clothes. Ariel Compact heavy-duty detergent powder is perfect for this. It removes stains by cleaning deep into the fibers and preventing them from settling. It even removes stains that cause bad odors like sweat and body odor, leaving your laundry looking and smelling sparkling clean. It already unfolds its effectiveness at 30 °C. So if you want your white clothes to be white again, use Ariel Heavy Duty Detergent. You can wash your clothes over and over again with confidence.

Excellent stain removal in 1st wash
Removes even stubborn stains
The powder dissolves quickly and leaves no residue on clothing
Brilliant cleaning of white fabrics from just 30°C
Helps to loosen dried-in stains
Reduces adhesion so dirt and stains cannot take hold
Ensures that your laundry looks sparkling clean and clean smells
Ariel is also available as a liquid detergent and 3in1 PODS


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