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Ingredients5-15%: nichtionische Tenside, anionische Tenside, Seife, <5%: Phosphonate, Polycarboxylate. Weitere Inhaltsstoffe: Duftstoffe, Konservierungsmittel (Sodium o-Phenylphenate), optische Aufheller.

Useful tips
30° 40° 60° 95° Observe textile care label before washing. Not suitable for wool or silk, for which we recommend Perwoll Wool & Delicates. Water softener: All Filetti products already contain limescale protection. This means that an additional water softener is no longer necessary up to a water hardness of 35° fH. Dosage: Each Filetti pack contains a specific dosage recommendation. The optimum amount of detergent depends on the amount of laundry in the machine, the degree of soiling and the water hardness range. If a pre-wash is advisable due to extremely heavy soiling, select the lowest recommended quantity in the dosage chart. Only the correct dosage of detergents protects the environment, saves money and prevents deposits in appliances and textiles.
Additional information
Filetti Sensitive, the number 1 sensitive detergent in Switzerland* Filetti Sensitive Gel, the family detergent for sensitive skin: with pure soap and skin-compatible perfume oils, no enzymes and no dyes. For particularly gentle skin protection, Filetti Sensitive is also available as a gel – naturally with the usual Filetti quality. There are many reasons to use the gel: Filetti Sensitive Gel spreads immediately in the water and is therefore ideal for hand washing, leaving no residue in the machine or on your laundry. Filetti Sensitive Gel can also be applied locally in a concentrated manner to deal with stains. Filetti Gel does not contain bleach. Filetti Sensitive Gel has a particularly good washing power for grease and pigment soiling. *Nielsen Switzerland: best-selling sensitive detergent brand (2018)Hazard symbols


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