Fresh Rhabarber


630–450 g    8.80/kg
The weight of this product is within the indicated range. When packing, we weigh it and charge you the exact weight. For now, let’s take the mean value as the price.


Keep/store refrigerated

Extra information

Rhubarb Etymologically, rhubarb comes from the Low Latin rheubarbarum, where rheu is a barbaric word for root. In reality, however, its origins go back much further, namely in the Himalayas. After a thousand-year journey, rhubarb landed with us almost a century ago. It is considered a vegetable, although its green to bright red stems, which taste sweet to tart, are mostly eaten like fruit. In the US, rhubarb was officially designated a fruit in 1947. It is consumed from April to June, more precisely until June 24th. From this point on, it is no longer considered edible. The reason for this is the oxalic acid, which binds calcium and the level of which increases as the flowering period progresses. Fresh rhubarb has a thick skin and crunchy stalks that can be frozen. rhubarb becomes raw,


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