Frosch HImmbeer Essig


    • With raspberry freshness
    • Short exposure time
    • For kitchen & bathroom

    The limescale cleaner raspberry vinegar from the Frosch range ensures powerful limescale removal and has a lime-dissolving effect with raspberry freshness. Use the practical spray bottle both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. The cleaner removes even stubborn limescale and dirt residues from fittings, bathtubs, showers and tiles.

    Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

    Instruction To  Use

    Turn the nozzle until the spray symbol/”ON” is at the top. • Spray on, leave to take effect briefly and wipe clean with a wet cloth, if necessary polish with a dry cloth. • Do not use on acid-sensitive materials such as e.g. B. marble, terrazzo, natural stone, sensitive plastics, silver-plated, gold-plated or lacquered fittings and enamelled bathtubs. Test on an inconspicuous area first on sensitive materials. Rinse fittings thoroughly and wipe dry.


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