Jerusalem Artichoke


500-850g    7.20/kg
The weight of this product is within the indicated range. When packing, we weigh it and charge you the exact weight. For now, let’s take the mean value as the price.


The tubers can be stored in the vegetable container for two to three days. Jerusalem artichoke will keep for about a week in a plastic bag to keep the flesh fresh and prevent it from drying out.

Practical tips

The Jerusalem artichoke tubers vary in shape and color depending on the variety. Jerusalem artichoke tubers are round or oval-elongated and slightly gnarled, others are spindle-shaped and pointed at the end. They are like potatoes in color, the skin is brown-grey to a light violet or red. The flesh is white or cream-colored. The Jerusalem artichoke is related to the sunflower and is only sparsely cultivated in Europe.

Extra information

The taste is often compared to that of the artichoke.


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