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Parsnips can be stored in the crisper for a week. To extend the shelf life, you can wrap them in damp household paper.

Practical tips

The parsnip is a little-known vegetable that used to have the status of the potato today. Parsnips are white, bulbous taproots. The edible root of the parsnip is 17 to 30 cm long and 2 – 8 cm thick. They should be around 20 centimeters tall (larger ones tend to be woody). The yellowish flesh is similar to that of the white turnip. The taste of the pulp is reminiscent of hazelnuts. Parsnips can be prepared in a similar way to salsify or turnips. They can be pureed, fried like french fries, glazed like carrots, served cold with a vinaigrette, or served as a simple vegetable side dish. They are also edible raw. They add a special flavor to soups and stews. This comes into its own when you cook the roots as a whole for just a short time. The cooking time is about the same as for carrots. They taste similar to carrots, but are slightly sweeter as they have a higher sugar content. They contain vitamin E and vitamin B. Preparation: Peel and grate the raw parsnips, season with lemon juice and spices; Cooked – grated, braise in butter, baked as a gratin or glazed.

Extra information

They are often confused with parsnips, but root parsley is smaller and more closely resembles a large carrot.


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