Pril Power Apfel&Minze


  • Scent: Apple & Mint
  • Powerful cleaning agent
  • Ensures clean dishes
  • Removes even stubborn incrustations and burnt-in
  • Works against bad smells

With the Power Apple & Mint hand dishwashing detergent from Pril, your dishes will shine in new splendor! Thanks to the highly effective fat-dissolving power, plates, cutlery and glasses are powerfully cleaned and freed from leftovers and fat deposits. Even stubborn dirt or burned-in dirt in pots and pans can be removed without leaving any residue using the detergent. In addition, the dishwashing liquid eliminates bad odors and leaves a pleasant scent of apple and mint. Since even small amounts are enough for a radiant result, the detergent is particularly economical. For radiantly clean dishes!


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