Pril Power


Product Information – 

Pril Active Power Molecules Kraft Gel Specialist Utensil Cleaner is high grease dissolving powder and its quick-dry formula makes it a superior cleansing agent. Since our customers deserve only the best, Pril Liquid has a unique formula making it non-messy and gentle to the skin, thus leaving both your dishes as well as your hands clean, smooth & pleasant.

Key Benefits – 

  •   It cut away tough grease residue.
  •   It helps to remove the food smells.
  •   It leaves the utensils sparkling clean.

How to Use – 

  •   For tough grease, apply Pril Kraft Gel onto a wet scrub-sponge & use directly on the utensil.
  •   For regular cleaning, dilute a teaspoonful (4 ml approx) of Pril Kraft Gel in a bowl (40 ml approx) of water. Dip the scrub-sponge in the solution & use.
Storage Information – Keep it in a clean, dry & dark place.


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