Very Fruitfully Avocados Hass


2 pieces     2.10/pc


Keep cool but not too cold (min. 6°C). To accelerate ripening, store with other fruits, such as apples or bananas, which give off ethylene.

Practical tips

Offer a rich selection of fully ripened fruits all year round ? We vouch for this commitment with the FRUITISSIME range. Every day we guarantee FRUITISSIME products of the highest quality, selected, picked and carefully transported in harmony with nature. The specially developed packaging made of recyclable PET fully protects the fruit thanks to its air cushioning external damage

Extra information

If you only use half an avocado, you can preserve the other half with the pit. Drizzle them generously with lemon juice and then wrap them in foil. Store in a cool place to slow down the ripening process and oxidation.


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